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Mindful MediZEN offers a variety of session modalities to meet your needs, from traditional face-to-face sessions, video conference calls, secure emails, and text messages. We go with you wherever you go!​​

  • Personal Growth

  • Professional Development

  • Relationship Coaching

  • Communication Skills

  • Confidence & Personal Power

  • Inner Peace

  • Achieving Balance

  • Health & Weight Issues

  • Organization & Productivity


Jane Woods, is a Nationally Certified Counselor (NCC) specializing in individuals, couples, and family therapy. Throughout her professional career, Jane has helped hundreds of clients find their passion and become inspired to create the life they want.

Jane believes each of us already possess the strength we need to make positive changes. From your first visit, Jane intuitively guides you to discover your unique path into, and contribution to the world – personal, professional, mind, body and spirit – skillfully helping you navigate life to achieve your birthright: Happiness.

The Mindful MediZEN approach help you feel empowered to tap into this strength and begin to better understand yourself and the world around you.