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Having a difficult time with a specific situation?

Find Peace: Our introductory plan built for those having a difficult time in a specific situation (60 minutes/month)

  • Two telephone coaching sessions

  • Text / SMS may be used for scheduling


Need help uncovering your true potential?

Maximize Potential: Uncover your true potential and celebrate the life you know — you feel — is possible. Whether your goal is to achieve a specific outcome or a desire to enhance all areas of your life, Mindful MediZEN can help you arrive where you want to be. (120 minutes/month)

  • Three telephone coaching sessions

  • Limited text / SMS responses (within 24 hours of receipt)


Ready to make radical long-term improvements?

Transformation: Make radical improvements each day and find acceptance within every moment of your life. Mindful MediZEN guides every aspect of your transformation, even when you face difficult issues. (180 minutes/month)

  • Six telephone coaching sessions

  • Unlimited text / SMS responses (within 24 hours of receipt)


Together we will unearth long standing behavior patterns, and perceptions that may be holding you back from experience in a more fulfilling, and meaningful life.

For individuals wanting to try out Mindful MediZEN or for those needing quick, targeted insight into their relationships, career, or specific situation. One-time purchase (one session 30 min/50 min) provides timely guidance to get back on your feet and stay balanced amidst today’s chaos.

Gift a Session – Introduce Mindful MediZEN to someone you love

30 Minute Session


50 Minute Session



GIFT a SESSION  and introduce Mindful MediZEN to someone special in your life. It’s a perfect way to honor a loved one. Celebrate those BIG announcements  with Mindful MediZEN!

Milestones always represent life’s transitions. Mindful MediZEN is there for you.


“Just as ripples spread out when a single pebble is dropped into water, the actions of individuals can have far-reaching effects. -His Holiness The Dalai Lama”

Join our Mindful MediZEN community, as we work alongside Global Giving to achieve common goals. Each month GlobalGiving will select a different innovative, high impact project to support. These projects are carefully vetted, ensuring ALL donations go directly to each revolving fund.

Every month GlobalGiving will select a different innovative, high-impact project as the project of the month. All donations to this fund during that month will go to this project.

Total goal $1,000,000
Remaining $404,490
Donors 1,215
Monthly donors 438
7 Years

There are so many wonderful projects on GlobalGiving that it can often be hard to pick just one to support. By making a recurring donation to the Project of the Month Club, you can support a different earth-changing idea each month.

Each month, your donation will go to a different high impact project selected by GlobalGiving. You’ll get regular updates on which projects you are supporting and the impact that your donation is having.

Long-Term Impact
By pooling a number of small, monthly donations together, the Project of the Month Club can provide a windfall donation to a different deserving project each month.